Legislation for the People of Gwadar

Developed countries are those which are progressing in terms of economy and industrialization. The developed countries are also known as advanced countries or the first world countries, as they are self-sufficient. The Human Development Index (HDI) statistics rank the countries on the basis of their development.

Factors that contribute to a country being developed include, standard of living, Gross Domestic Product, child welfare, health care, medical, transportation, communication and educational facilities, housing and living conditions, industrial, infrastructural and technological advancement, higher per capita income, increase in life expectancy etc. These countries generate more revenue from the industrial sector as compared to the service sector as they have a post-industrial economy.

Discussing the specific province of Balochistan, in last three decades the HDI index was quite low. Massive insurgency, lack of political will, monarchical system of Sardars, weak infrastructure hindered the development of Balochistan.

In the last decade there were vivid changings in the province. The world recognizes the strategic location of Balochistan which was vital as it was part of old silk route. Gwadar port was made functional which increased the importance of the multi bagged project CPEC. Now taking the lead from an above-mentioned line, the development of Gwadar is directly proportional to the Human Development. The massive rhetoric was being played by foreign elements and being inculcated on the societal level that state is going to take advantage Gwadar whereas people of Gwadar will be left alone.

The provisional Government is vibrant in Balochistan, the lawmakers, administration, and people running the state apparatus started engaging the sociological thoughts which are important for any state-crafting elite. New Chief Minister had a press conference to mitigate the issue and he said that ‘the Provincial Government will make laws in order to defend and protect the rights of the people of Gwadar’. He assured that all the stakeholders will be on board and the major stakeholders are the residents of Gwadar. He reiterated that basic rights of Gwadar people will be the first priority and experts will be involved while charting out the framework of any legislation.

Another rhetoric which is looming around in the corridors of Balochistan regarding CPEC is that Baloch will be converted into a minority. Same thinking has been fed to the people of Gwadar but Chief Minister Bizenjo said, ‘there is no question of converting the Baloch people into a minority in their own homeland as his Government is committed to avert and dispel such dangers in the future also’.

The provisional Government is aware of the psychological warfare tactics and one of the element is in the swing which has been discussed above. Concentrated efforts of the provisional Government are making people clear about the developmental projects, their basic rights, their identity protection and addressing their basic problems.

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