Local Testing Kits COVID-19 Will Be Available in The Market Very Soon

First Local Testing Kits of Pakistan Has Been Approved By DRAP

Pakistan has yet achieved another milestone amidst the turmoil of Coronavirus and the economic crisis. The Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has announced that DRAP has approved Pakistan’s first local testing kit for Coronavirus.

The minister praised the National University of Science and Technology for their outstanding efforts and the excellent work done by the scientists in his tweet.


He also notified that this is a huge milestone as it will decrease the number of Coronavirus Test Kits being imported. This will cause the burden on our import bills to decrease. Moreover, it will increase Pakistan’s capacity of conducting tests in two folds.

Furthermore, the virus that is here to stay until a vaccine is made has caused a lot of damage to the world economy; this approval of testing kits would mean an opportunity to export Test Kits all over the world where they might be required in larger numbers because not all countries have been able to make testing kit.


According to sources China at the moment is the biggest exporter of testing kits and has earned a lot of revenue from it. If Pakistan can increase the production of its test kits it can become a major exporter too.

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