Naya Pakistan Has A Much Stronger and Powerful Female Workforce

Pakistan has faced many problems since its independence but it never stopped the people of the country from progressing on an individual, national, and international level. From natural disasters to terrorism, lack of education, unemployment, scarcity of resources, and many other Female WorkForce Problems faced by the country, the people never made it an excuse to stop learning and fighting for a bright future.

Women Workforce

Speaking of which we come to the point where women are involved as a workforce. Pakistan has always had a liberal approach towards its progressing females and in the previous two decades, the country has seen a powerful female workforce emerging in almost every field.

Since 20 years back women were dominantly seen in the teaching and medical field and others took up fine arts and handicrafts but now the scenario is different. Women are not only working as managers and department heads in small and large scale organizations but many are the CEOs of brands and other businesses in the country.

 We have top-level female engineers both in the civil and defense sector. Moreover, we now have females working in the armed forces. Pakistan now has a couple of its own GD pilots who are as competent as their fellow male colleagues. They fill in the gap of skill and intelligence that was left by the men in the area of expertise.


Competing Against Men And Giving Rise to New Businesses

It is now being observed that men have to compete against women for different job opportunities and sometimes even find it hard to land a job when competing against a woman or girl.

This shows that the country is gaining upon the unutilized talent of the young girls who were not only fit for the kitchen but could also perform progressively in the field.

They have also given birth to new industries and job types in the country which involve fashion designing, makeup artistry, cooking script writing, and many online businesses and trades. They have paved ways for other girls and their efforts have also encouraged a rise in education in girls as parents see the benefits of educated and independent girls in the society.

How They Contribute to a Better Lifestyle

The growing trend of independent females is also widely encouraged across the country.
Because people are now observing how an independent woman can help improve their living standards. With a rise in divorce rates inflation fathers believe that if their daughters are independent they wouldn’t have to endure torture from their husbands and in-laws from the fear of poverty but will be able to support themselves and their families.



Many single women had to leave the comfort of their homes to earn money to support themselves and their kids if any. These circumstances over the time changed the stereotypes in our society and has led to grooming women into becoming strong and independent.

The Fear Of Going Out Alone Has Decreased

Women now openly go out without any fear, travel in public transport or drive to work and make their earnings.

You will also see a large number of women working night shifts in big cities, and this has been possible because their families supported them.
The men in the country have made it their responsibility to protect such girls who have to go out and work to support their homes.

Pakistan is widely accepting a new lifestyle and new ways of living which include a lot of tolerance for women going out to work.

I would like to conclude that the addition of a strong female workforce to society has not only encouraged a more liberal lifestyle for women but is also very healthy for the economy of Pakistan. It is a pathway to a String and independent Country!

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