Pakistani Citizens And Companies Playing A Role In Sanitizing Pakistan

The time for panicking about the Covid-19 pandemic is over! It’s time to provide solutions to the problem and help flatten the curve to protect our people. The fight against corona was first fought in a worldwide Lockdown but as countries are moving towards a smart Lockdown and opening public places for the people, it is very important to make sure the necessary precautions are taken.

Pakistani citizens have been actively seen playing a role in creating awareness through their social channels and by launching campaigns which will help arrange ration for the needy.

Larger companies turned towards Corporate Social Responsibility and started launching different kinds of campaigns which would help increase protection. which is also a media partner of Voice of Pakistan has gifted a fully functional sanitizing gate to the parliament which is based on the latest technology and various features. The sanitizing gate has been installed on gate no 1 of the parliament and has the ability to check the temperature of the passing person. It can also be used to mark the attendance of the members of the parliament as it saves the details of the person.

Some companies have taken to distributing hand sanitizers and masks while others are planning on creating new job opportunities for those who lost their jobs during the Lockdown. A new campaign by the name of Cap The Curve has started which has brought 200 brands under one umbrella to help support the cause of providing and producing masks for everyone.


The campaign is called Masks4all(#Masks4all) which aims towards donating 5 million masks all across Pakistan in order to increase protection against Corona Virus. Media groups and companies are working towards creating awareness through different advertisements and social campaigns.

The government has seen it as a great effort by the citizens of Pakistan to come forward and play their part in fighting against this pandemic as a nation. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has also encouraged people to stay safe and take necessary precautions to stay protected now that the Lockdown is being lifted slowly. As his responsibility he has appeared on Screen several times to educate the people on social distancing and its importance and took ample measures to get safety kits and masks imported into the country on priority basis.



Moreover, the Army is playing a major role in different parts of the country ensuring people are following social distancing laws and also keeping an eye on the security inside the country and on the LOC as well. They have played an active part in screening people on the borders and ensuring the provision of ration packs to the needy.

The doctors and policemen are already on the Frontline since day one. Many have embraced martyrdom but many are looked upon as heroes and an inspiration because they have not only fought bravely but have also educated people regarding the precautions they need to take to stay safe.

On an average Pakistan might have a large number of reported cases but the number of people recovering is a ray of hope that we can beat this virus by increasing our immunity. Also, the measures taken by the people to help stop the virus from spreading can save many people from the misery of the pain this virus causes.

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