Why Pakistan Ranks among the Top Charity Giving Nations in the World

Pakistan World Top charity giving nations

A developing or in other terms labeled as a poor country, Pakistan has managed to rise to the top when it comes to charity. It is said that the people of the country might not be very wealthy when it comes to money but their generous hearts have made priceless donations to each other and helped their fellow brothers and sisters in whichever way possible.

The seed of charity was sowed by Islam a religion followed by the majority of the people in the country. Apart from the Zakat that is widely given people also give Sadqa and this has no limitation so it can be Rs.1 to a billion.

Abdul Sattar Edhi

The Richest Poor Man

When it comes to charity in Pakistan, no one can ignore the efforts made by Abdul Sattar Edhi in the domain of charity. But this is only one man and one name we know who has changed the future of masses in Pakistan. Not only did he make the biggest ambulance service in the world but he also took orphans and homeless people into his own home and sheltered them!

“When you stop living for luxuries, you understand the real meaning of life.” ― Abdul Sattar Edhi

He has been known to sit on streets and roads to collect money and regardless of his fame all around the world he never showed off. Everything he did was or charity!

Local Philanthropists

There are a large number of philanthropists in Pakistan who don’t show their faces to the public but are not only helping the people of the country but also donating large sums to the government when needed.
When it comes to the known philanthropists these are some names you will come across:

  • Abrar-ul-Haq.
  • Abdul Wahid Adamjee.
  • Ahmad Adaya.
  • Shahid Afridi.
  • Aga Khan III.
  • Iqbal Z. Ahmed.
  • Shaniera Akram.
  • Syed Babar Ali.

Haji Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob (CEO ARY Network)


The list doesn’t end here. Haji Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob is a name many have heard. He was the owner of the ARY channel and news network in Pakistan. The man is known to have donated large sums to the countries treasury and the organization still runs different charity projects in the country.

Jawad Sohrab Malik (CEO Sohrab Foundations)

Sohrab Foundation’s CEO Jawad Sohrab Malik who is also a philanthropist donated a sum of PKR 30 million to the Pak Army to be distributed to the people in need during the Covid-19 pandemic. He also distributed food supplies and other items. These are small examples of how the people of Pakistan donate money like water and these are just a few known faces. The ones that never come on the front stage are not known to people yet.

The Local Citizens of Pakistan Involved In Charity

If you ask beggars in Pakistan, how much money they make in a day just by begging you will be surprised to know the amount they tell you. And in reality, that amount is far less than what they actually make.

The people of Pakistan have a habit of distributing food and money among the poor whether there is a special occasion or not. You will see free food being distributed o hundreds of people in any local city of Pakistan. They call it Langar. You will find langar in almost every area of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, Faisalabad, and many other cities. In some places, they are set up every day and in some, they are set up twice a day.

About Shrine and Darbar

Data_Durbar_Ghanj Baksh_Ali_Hajvery

Famous places like Data Darbar, Baba Farid, and other such shrines get a free distribution of food in thrice a day. If one is homeless or extremely poor to feed themselves, they can just visit a Darbar and get food for free. Although there are many malnourished children in Pakistan, the amount of charity is so high that there are rarely any cases of poor people dying because of hunger.

As an experiment, if you knock a random door in a neighborhood and ask for food somebody in that neighborhood will provide you with something. This is considered not just a religious but also a cultural responsibility of the people in Pakistan.

Since years we’ve been seeing telethons being conducted for the Shaukat Khanum hospitals. These telethons and charity campaigns have raised up to 80 crores in three to four hours. Live proof of this can be seen on TV if you search for telethons in which the PM Imran Khan has participated himself.
Finca Microfinance Banking

Finca Microfinance banks employees donated PKR 2 Million to the Pm Corona Fund. This was just upon one tweet from the PM where he called out to the Pakistani citizens to donate.

Military Forces

Army lower-ranked officials donated their two days’ salaries and the higher-ranked officials donated one month’s salary to the PM’s COVID 19 fund. They have also actively participated in distributing the ration bags to the people in affected areas.

Pakistan Army departments donate salaries in COVID-19 relief fund

Where America has to print trillions of dollars to support its people Pakistan has been able to raise a large sum of money to support its poor people just through charity!

Prime Minister Imran Khan Annouced Tiger Force

People also voluntarily joined the Prime Minister Tiger force to help people affected by Coronavirus and to distribute the ration packages to the poor people. Apart from this in recent times when Pakistan went into lockdown; people made heavy ration bags at home and went out to areas where poor people lived to distribute food. So much so that the poor people said they felt Corona had come to make them rich.

Not only this but when the country was struck by an earthquake in 2005 and floods in 2010 the people of Pakistan raised huge sums of money to help people. It didn’t stop at just money collection, people went to northern areas themselves to deliver food supplies and help in rebuilding the homes of the people.

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